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EDM Services

Small Hole EDM

Precision Small Hole EDM down to 0.005 dia.

  • Prototype to Production

  • Precision orifice holes

  • Precision fuel metering holes

  • Small precision start holes for wire EDM

Small hole, high speed, three-station production EDM machines

  • Automatic electrode refeed

  • CNC indexing

  • Precision, burr-free holes with 16 rms finish

Small hole vertical EDM machines

  • Automatic electrode refeed

  • CNC indexing

  • Precision x-y slides (0.0005" tru position capable)

  • Temperature controlled environment

Small hole horizontal machines

  • Automatic electrode refeed

  • Automatic indexing for high speed production

Five-axis CNC EDM Machine

  • Automatic electrode handling

  • Two EDM power supplies for micro holes to medium size holes

  • 12" x 12" CNC strokes

  • Two Rotary tables for total flexibility

Wire Cut EDM

High-speed machines

  • Submerged cutting

  • Work piece size to 12" x 18"

  • Wire sizes 0.010" to 0.012" diameter

  • Equipped to produce one die or run production parts cost-effectively

Conventional EDM

Conventional EDM Machines

  • Orbiting

  • Electrode rotating

  • EDM tapping

  • Work piece size to 10 x 10 x 5

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