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About Micro EDM

With over 30 years of EDM experience, Micro EDM has become a world leader in small hole EDM work. Micro EDM was founded as a specialty small hole EDM job shop and incorporated in 1897 with our first job creating the die plates for the Pentium computer chip.


Over the past ten years, Micro EDM has expanded to utilize the capabilities of CNC Sinker EDM, 5-Axis CNC Small Hole EDM, and Wire EDM in our extremely vast array of EDM services. Parts and processes we continue to work on are used daily in hospitals, automobiles, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, as well as in aerospace applications, orbiting the world in space vehicles and satellites. Even though we work on highly technical applications, this has not kept us out of the price range for general EDM customers. We also repair parts and make products for snowmobiles, watercraft, and automobiles, as well as replacement parts for industrial equipment and farm machinery.

Micro EDM hosts more than 10 small hole EDM machines that are capable of producing precision small holes in high volume, prototype parts on the 5-Axis CNC EDM machine, or triple head EDM equipment.


Micro EDM is ready to handle all types of job shop requests, especially for customers that need high quality and fast turn-around work completed. In addition to our EDM services, Micro EDM offers full tool room capability with conventional CNC machining and turning centers.

Need a quote fast? Most quotes are returned the same day or within 24 hours.

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